Vote 1 Jane Horgan-Jones

Please find below the press release I sent out earlier today in relation to the social housing Thornwood development.

07 April 2016: A Dublin City Councillor has called for greater consultation and transparency when it comes to the transfer of property from private housing to social housing. Cllr Jane Horgan Jones of the Labour Party has submitted a motion that will compel Dublin City Council to engage meaningfully with City Councillors in advance of any future transfer arrangements.

Cllr Horgan Jones motion comes in response to the purchase of all 68 homes at Thornwood in Beaumont for Social housing by Housing association Túath. The Labour Party fully supports the initiative which will house up to 68 families from May.  At a Beaumont Residents Association meeting on Tuesday April 4th, many residents have expressed their concerns that the allocation of an entire estate to social housing will lead to a rise in anti social behaviour and vandalism.

Cllr Horgan Jones said “I am disappointed that Dublin City Council were not more up front with Councillors and with local residents about their plans to consent to the transfer of this estate to Tuath. This has led to a breakdown of trust between the Council and local people that is unhelpful and avoidable.”

Addressing the concerns of local residents Cllr Horgan Jones said, “As with all developments, estate management is key to ensuring community integration and as a local representative I will be working closely with Tuath in this regard. I am supportive of this scheme and confident that the new Thornwood residents will be welcomed by the community in Beaumont and play a positive role there”.

She continued “We are in the middle of a housing crisis. There is a generation of new and working homeless people who have fallen behind on their mortgages, who have been evicted from private rented accommodation and who cannot afford market rent despite being in employment.
There are thousands more who are only one pay cheque away from being in the same situation. It is essential that schemes like this go ahead to provide housing for those in need.

Labour Party endorse Túath housing estate but call on Dublin City Council to be more transparent. - Cllr. Jane Horgan-Jones