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Please find below the most recent response I have received from the area manager in relation to Tree Felling in Marino:

The February 2016 meeting of the North Central Area Committee noted a proposal for removal of 47 trees from various roads/streets in Marino., addressing the problem of fruiting roadside trees throughout Marino Estate. This number represented approx 20% of Pyrus spp and 10% of overall roadside trees


Parks & Landscape Service carried out a letter drop to commence operations in early March which resulted in an immediate response from a range of Public Representatives, community organisations and individuals regarding a) proposed tree removal, b) locations of proposed tree removal.  Some seeking no removal , some seeking removal at different locations to that proposed,  some seeking a greater number to be removed.


Following communication with the Marino Residents Association and an associated tree interest group , Parks Service  postponed the proposed works and facilitated a meeting requested by Marino Residents Association. This took place on Wednesday 16th March 2016 and followed a meeting that Marino Residents Association held itself with the purpose being indicated as providing an opportunity to public representatives to receive the range of opinion in the community regarding the proposals.

1. ) The meeting generally considered the problem and requested Dublin City Council to consider giving an opportunity to interest groups to add to existing resources to maximise clean up operations during the fruiting season and to minimise the impact of fallen fruit on older residents in the area.

2.) It  is therefore proposed to link with the residents association, the area  Environmental  Liaison Officer,   The Biodioversity Facilitator with Parks & Landscape Services, and voluntary groups already identified and any others identified to carry out cleanup operations during  Autumn 2016, concentrating efforts on those locations where the problems are greatest.

3. )It is also proposed to remove a total of 14 roadside trees which were identified during the recent examination carried out by Parks & Landscape Services as being of poor condition. And that this would take place before Autumn 2016.

4.) That the Marino Residents Association and tree interest group examine the proposed City Tree Strategy and provide comment for consideration as part of the public consultation phase of this strategy.

5.) It is proposed that an assessment would be made of the impact of the above actions following the fruiting season and before the end of 2016 to inform any future action.

6.) That replacement would be carried out approximately 2 seasons following tree removal  where possible, planting with species that do not have fruit related difficulties and that the residents association/tree interest group would be made aware of the species prior to planting.

7.) That the roadways in Marino would be further examined to see if any additional planting pits can be identified.

The above detail was provided to the March 2016 meeting of the North Central Area Committee which was noted and was agreed to proceed on the above basis. This Service has commenced the planned removal of the 14 trees and other items will follow as proposed above..

Tree Felling in Marino - Cllr. Jane Horgan-Jones